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Sophia Moriatos is the head of the magical training for the soldiers of the Souballo Empire. This precocious little girl is considered a prodigy of the highest power and also holds a high position in the posse of the Emperors.

As a sorceress, Sophia is far from typical in personality as well. As the typical sorcerer tends to lean toward Chaos, Sophia has a deep desire to please others she cares about. Through this desire to please, Sophia has ended up joining Angelo's kids as a member of Angelo's entourage, to which Angelo is mainly indifferent.

From a very young age, Sophia showed a gift in the innate arcane arts. Her father, an officer of the empire decided to help her best he could in nurturing her gifts. This has produced a powerful sorceress and the youngest member of the Souballo Empire. Bruce Moriatos even gained his ability to become a Blackguard through peaceful contact with Sophia's demon friend Melchior.


Sophia was tasked with using her magic and the help of her friend Melchior to infiltrate Silverfronds Castle. Using a ring Brian created for her, she even eluded the Elven true-seeing spotters. Posing as an Elven staff member, she gathered information on their war efforts, magic, and other secrets. She even managed to assassinate chancellor Prednisone and take his place.

However, the King eventually got wise to her wiles and confronted her with the help of Sandra The Solar Butterfly. Sophia has been taken to the Kingdom of Justice and imprisoned there.

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