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King Tegretol Silverfronds is the ruler of the Silverfronds Kingdom. He is a fair and just ruler, but he is a bit of a neurotic and doesn't have quite that much experience at the ruling job yet. It's a good thing that even young he is already an extremely powerful wizard.

The Silverfronds King was introduced during the trial of Thomas Stratus. Thomas Stratus turned out to have been innocent of the crime, and informed King Tegretol that his kingdom was going to be invaded by the Souballo Empire.

Much of the story in the third book revolves around Tegretol's efforts to stop the Souballo invasion. His lover/chancellor Prednisone was killed by and replaced with Sophia Moriatos. For awhile, the ploy had succeeded. Eventually Tegretol got wise and confronted Sophia. Sophia resisted, but was no match for Sandra the Solar Butterfly, who Tegretol contracted to assist in Sophia's capture.

He doesn't actively participate in the airship offensive. He was too busy hatching a plan with the Castle itself to lure the Souballo Emperors in so they could be imprisoned in a Planar Oubliette, temporarily removing them so the Airship could be destroyed.

Unfortunately for Tegretol, an old demonic rival was released earlier than the family curse would say. This revival was due to a pact Maxo made in hopes to have an ace to defeat the imperial invaders with. With the demon Mortaridar's arrival, the King and his friends had to withdraw from the castle to Everwood. Currently the castle is acting as a second seal, caging Mortaridar for the time being.

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