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Terrado Ghonrin is an Imperial Fighter, and he along with Carisssa were the first imperials that Julie and her friends battled in the comic. Terrado is a stern and somewhat choleric Dwarf who has something of a disdain for humans. It's ironic Terrado is part of an empire that favors Humans over all other races.

Due to being outnumbered 5-2, Terrado and Carissa were defeated in the combat and Carissa was killed. He had sworn revenge against Julie's group, and finally got his chance when his new team randomly encountered hers.

Once again the battle ended fairly badly, due to once again being outnumbered. Terrado didn't take this loss as hard as the last, and even parted ways in a somwhat friendly manner with Julie's group.

Terrado is fairly typical as fighters go, specializing in the Dwarven Waraxe. His weapon has been upgraded from their previous meeting to have a shock enhancement. Julie felt the business end of the axe many times during their battle, relying on Jordie to keep her alive.

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