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Thomas Stratus is a distinguished old Wizard who was once a professor at Everwood’s Magical University. Long ago he was an adventurer, delving into dungeons and uncovering ancient lore and magic. Nowadays he is retired, working at a scroll shop that he owns and operates in Everwood City.

While Julie was gathering information and seeing the Everwood City council about her quest, the rest of the adventuring group met Mr. Stratus. They met him at the scroll shop when they were selling their swag. Angelika and Mr. Stratus took an instant dislike to each other, not only because Angelika is rude and brattish, but because Stratus is a wizard and Angelika is a sorceress.

In Huckleton, the group met Mr. Stratus once more. He was on his way to see an old friend (who is revealed to be Emperor Brian Souballo later.) Angelika and Mr. Stratus had words again, but remained good natured for the most part. Angelika even tried to get Mr. Stratus to join the quest, though he declined.

When Mr. Stratus arrived at Souballo HQ, he saw for himself that Brian has changed a lot. Brian tried to offer Mr. Stratus the position of head tactician, but Mr. Stratus refused. The friendship effectively ended with Brian attacking Mr. Stratus, and Mr. Stratus’ escape.

He escaped to the Kingdom of Freedom where he hid for a few days, knowing weeks would pass on Manjulias. There he met Pauline, who at that time decided to live a peaceful life with her family. He gently nudged the idea that she could still be useful on Manjulias, and it gave Pauline second thoughts about remaining in the Kingdom of Freedom.

When he returned, he found himself a suspect in an international terrorist crime committed in Silverfronds. Queen Trilanna and Simonicus had come to arrest him, as they were concerned anyone less powerful would fail.

He went to trial for the crime he was framed for, but evidence cleared him. He told King Tegretol of Silverfronds of the Souballo Empire's plan and allied with him to stop the Empire from invading Silverfronds.

He became the tactician for the Silverfronds military forces and used his magic to protect the King and the city. He also created some contracts with some powerful outsiders to bolster the military force for the coming airship attack. One of these contracts was with Denise the Astra Deva, an Angel he has had ties with for a long time.

He assisted in the castle's defense when it was invaded by Brian, Angelo and their clique. They had to withdraw because of Mortaridar's revival, though. Now Thomas Stratus is continuing his assistance to King Tegretol with coming adventures still in the works.

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