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Travis Truesdale is a Bard working for the Souballo Empire. He is part of a new wave within the Empire where the Empire allows Bards to work within their ranks. It's entirely possible that he was part of the orchestra of Umbria's Bards.

Travis is part of Terrado's strike team and he works in this unit to do the Empire's bidding. In the combat between Terrado's unit and Julie's, Travis was dragged into combat with Lenny. Lenny easily bested him in combat ability, but Travis used a couple of tricks to prevent Lenny from completely destroying him. Travis also used his bardic magic to dispel and counter Julie's Haste Spell, advocating his apparent love of marijuana.

As a Bard, Travis is fairly typical. He doesn't take himself too seriously and still has some of the bard's free spirit within him. The other members of his group seem to like him as well. Ellen also likes him greatly, and rushed to his defense when Lenny was defeating him.

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