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The story of Trevoricus is a sad and ironic one. Trevoricus has been bumped along the country ever since his mountain hometown was destroyed by the Souballo Empire. He was mistaken for a pedophile when he attempted to sleep with a young human girl thinking she was a halfling.

Later he met Jason on the road and the two became good friends, and after crossing the Windswept Strait to the Baxillon Island he met Jane and the three formed an adventuring party. They took on Julie's group but lost, though no one was killed by Julie or her friends. However Umbria took advantage of their weakened state by paralyzing Jane and killing her. Afterword Umbria lied her way into becoming the next group leader, though Trevoricus was sceptical from the beginning.

Trevoricus and Jason were both pressured into joining Angelo's Kids by Umbria. They did a number of highly unethical projects on Angelo's behalf, Trevoricus reluctantly following along. Eventually Trevoricus grew tired of Umbria's cruelty and lies, and with the help of Jane's ghost they expelled Umbria from the group.

Trevoricus is still in Angelo's Kids, which he now knows is part of the Empire. He is ironically working for the very people who destroyed his hometown. His story continues to unfold as everyone else's does.

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