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Trilanna Everwood is the acting queen of Everwood. She is an ally of King Tegretol Silverfronds and one of the most powerful creatures on the plane of Manjulias. Trilanna is a fair and just ruler, and her kindness, intellgence, and compassion has created an excellent kingdom on the Baxillon Island.

Trilanna was introduced when Thomas Stratus teleported back to his home in Everwood. At that time he was being accused of terrorism due to the attack Brian made on Silverfronds, posing as him. Though she and Thomas are friends, she was still forced to bring the old wizard to trial. After Thomas' name was cleared, Trilanna pledged to assist King Tegretol's kingdom against the Souballo invasion.

She engaged Angelo directly during the Imperial Airship Offensive, but she was unfortunately no match for him. Angelo killed the Pixie Queen with a powerful Implosion spell, crushing her into a cube. She was not permanently destroyed, as she awakened in Souballo Castle from a clone she had prepared and brought in case she would be killed.

Due to the release of the ancient demon Mortaridar, she and King Tegretol evacuated most of Silverfronds population to Everwood for the time being. She is still working with him to protect his kingdom not only from the Empire, but also from Mortaridar.

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