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Ultiva Skyflower is the High Priestess of Silverfronds. She is a valuable member of King Tegretol's court, and one of his most trusted advisors.

Though she is kind and good, she is fairly disorganized and forgetful. She is also a bit nervous about her responsibilities. Her shortcomings could lead to some serious problems if she wasn't surrounded by other fair minded folk who help her keep her head on.

She uses her amazing divine magic to assist the Kingdom of Silverfronds. She helps the king with magical divinations and keeps the castle folk in top physical and emotional shape.

It was through her that most of the contracts with the Angels were made during the Silverfronds War. These contracts summoned the help they needed to destroy the imperial airship and to help protect the castle itself when the Souballos invaded. She was also the one who resurrected Candesco.

Currently she is still working with the royals from both kingdoms. They have a lot of work to do with the revival of Mortaridar.

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