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Umbria is a selfish, manipulative woman who is not afraid to lie, cheat, steal and kill in order to get what she wants. She was originally 'Zaedalkaah,' a male fiendtouched humanoid who worked for the Order of Silence, an evil guild of assassins. Apparently she was a high ranking member of this group. She has since been expelled due to her new, lower power form.

Umbria cheated her way into being part of a trio of rogue adventurers by killing the group's previous leader. This group consisted of Jason Moriatos, Trevoricus Pennychum, and the late Jane Fisher (whom Umbria murdered.) Being more experienced than the other two members, Umbria took leadership position. The three travelled together, the two boys hoping to get romantically involved with Umbria. Using their desires she manipulated them into doing her bidding.

After finding out her assassin's order wouldn't take her back, she decides to join Angelo's Kids. She figured the fanatical nature of Angelo's followers would give her plenty of opportunity to grow stronger and more powerful. Her cohors not having any other immediate options, she successfully gets Jason and Trevoricus to join as well.

They agree to the very open-ended quest to find The Pendant Keeper instead of assisting in building the Baxillon location of a magical training and research facility. Umbria only had the minimum of interest in this quest, and so did Jason and Trevoricus.

Along the way, they got waylaid by bounty hunters out to capture Umbria. The Everwood council found out Umbria has been freed and put a bounty on her head. This also attracted the attention of a Paladin named Eva Wilson, who proved more powerful than Umbria.

Umbria was eventually kicked out of the trio. This was due to Trevoricus talking with Jane's ghost who manifested and explained how she was murdered. Umbria was now on her own.

Eventually Peganone and Randi of the Everwood Council caught up with Umbria. Combined with Eva's strength as a Paladin, Umbria's capture and detainment was assured. At the moment of truth, Angelo appeared and 'rescued' Umbria, his magic causing severe problems for the council and Eva.

Umbria was taken to the headquarters of the Souballo Empire because she was the only Bard in the entire organization. She was to use her bardic abilities to create an anthem for the Souballo Empire, and to train a large unit of soldiers to also become Bards. She successfully completed this task, helping to officially unify the Souballo Empire with Angelo's Kids.

Due to her increasing power, she was promoted and given command of her own battalion in the Empire's forces. The two sargeants who serve her unfortunately turned out to be Jason, Jane and Trevoricus. Their stint as commanders didn't last long. Their lack of experience combined with Umbria's lack of caring about the soldiers' lives had them relieved of command.

Umbria did have a survivor which she has taken an unusually unselfish interest in. This survivor was Kergak, a Dwarven Fighter who respects her greatly, despite the obvious reasons not to. Umbria has helped him gain powers as a fighter, and she also has gained a friend.

The adventures of this strike team lead them to a small village that was slaughtered by a third party enemy. With the help of her team they defeated a covey of Hags and the experience brought Simonicus, Jason and Jane's power up to Umbria's level. This power increase worries her, leading her to think they will possibly betray her again.

Eventually she gets her strike team to Silverfronds City, but she finds out the whole city is under a strange lockdown. This doesn't stop Umbria's favorite Dwarf, and she is dragged along with him to events yet to be told.

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