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Warren Thatcher is a member of a squad of people who have swarn fealty to Stellina, the Angel of Justice. They are part of a larger force aiding the Silverfronds Army against the Souballo Empire during this war.

Warren is a friendly, straight-forward and loyal young man. He entered the service of Stellina because he wanted to put his combat and archery skills to a noble cause. Though he has a good heart, he is somewhat impulsive and sometimes doesn't think things through before acting.

The pleasant man took a keen interest in Jordie and has become fast friends with him. This desire to get closer to Jordie unfortunately landed him in the same kidnapping situation Jordie is in now, though he shows no regret or fear.

To their luck the kidnapping was nixed by the Emperors, who didn't approve this. As apology they sent Jordie back to his hometown with Warren, as well as some riches so the two could have an awesome date.

Though he can fight well with the sword, Warren is a ranged attack specialist. He has devoted most of his Fighter abilities and feats to make himself as good an archer as possible.

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