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Yo-Lee is a Succubus, an evil, chaotic extraplanar creature from BloddenGogga. She is a humanoid female-looking creature with some shapeshifting abilities, energy draining kisses and enchantment magic.

Her appearance on the plane was due to Azagrael (one of the most powerful lawful-good angels) breaching the Interplanar Intrusion Agreement. Azagrael broke the rule with a mortal by giving Brother Jack Maclain (leader of a team of Justice Angel warriors) vital information regarding Jordon Kent beyond the ability of a 'Divination' spell.

Yo-Lee happened to warp near the crew of Handsome Jack, and the demon has decided to tag along with them to see the city (disguised as a Nightwood Elf). Yo-Lee also seems to have potentially sinister plans for Wesley, a Cleric of Quizmalia and a crewmate of Jack. What these plans are remains to be seen.

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