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(Book 4: The Planar Illness)
Episode 693: Worse than deciding where to eat.

Episode 692: The Emperors are totally still interested in Julie.
Episode 691: Flash in the sky.
Episode 690: Learning from errors. Sort of.
Episode 689: Goodbye Jordie and Warren...FOREVER...
Episode 688: Yes it is your fault, Wendy Wandbreaker.
Episode 687: Misjudgements
Episode 686: Sexy night on the...library.
Episode 685: G.E.A.R.S Guidance.
Episode 684: A monstrous monkey on his back.
Episode 683: Making nice.
Episode 682: Honey rather than vinegar.
Episode 681: He's not in the clique...
Episode 680: It's none of his business, really.
Episode 679: Commoners dislike the complex.
Episode 678: Murdered in cold-blooded self defense.
Episode 677: Ignis Divinis.
Episode 676: Winners don't do drugs, kids.
Episode 675: Participate.
Episode 674: Old Grudges.
Episode 673: Tempers are flaring.
Episode 672: Request for furlough.
Episode 671: The annoying, exploding orange.
Episode 670: Rocky is Julie's new Angelika.
Episode 669: One day of travel.
Episode 668: Five subplots are enough.
Episode 667: No gerontophilia today!
Episode 666: Instant Messaging.
Episode 665: Forever and Forever 100 years.
Episode 664: Walking the extra mile for a friend.
Episode 663: Candesco suffers for your sins.
Episode 662: That can't be good for your teeth.
Episode 661: Terms and conditions violation.
Episode 660: There go all the other neighborhoods.
Episode 659: There goes the neighborhood.
Episode 658: Good news for Julie.
Episode 657: A new day.
Episode 656: No, I guess not.
Episode 655: Solo adventure?
Episode 654: A vampire they didn't mention.
Episode 653: The haunted village...?
Episode 652: The world exists outside of Julie's group.
Episode 651: Friends reunited.
Episode 650: Pauline's Return

(Book 3: Forward We March)

Episode 649: Book 3's finale.
Episode 648: She's got a point. Book 3 hasn't been kind.
Episode 647: Hope Angelika doesn't choose 'die.'
Episode 646: Angelika's a 'ride or die' sort of girl.
Episode 645: Errant Elves
Episode 644: Skeleton throwing shade on Shades.
Episode 643: Maybe he really did!
Episode 642: Rocky encounters Skeleton Rocky
Episode 641: She wants a man to bone her.
Episode 640: Ghast gas.
Episode 639: Fighter wants fighting.
Episode 638: Jordie wasn't kidding.
Episode 637: On converting Clerics.
Episode 636: Thoughts from Maxo.
Episode 635: From a single scale.
Episode 634: Networking.
Episode 633: Silverfronds is no place to be.
Episode 632: Nice to see you again...you.
Episode 631: What a big day this was!
Episode 630: The tongue makes you smarter.
Episode 629: Magic battles tend to be quick.
Episode 628: Brainblast.
Episode 627: Attention Exillon.
Episode 626: A King's duties.
Episode 625: Leaving the Cage.
Episode 624: Locked in the cage with it.
Episode 623: Your 'wish' has been granted.
Episode 622: The stairway to Zebro.
Episode 621: Back from beyond.
Episode 620: Rainbow Puke.
Episode 619: Blundering 'bout Brian's Big Blaster
Episode 618: Getting the JoJ done.
Episode 617: Death from Above.
Episode 616: They're in.
Episode 615: We're in.
Episode 614: Migraines
Episode 613: Fishsticks and Angel squares.
Episode 612: Angelo does not believe in fairies.
Episode 611: Facing off.
Episode 610: The attack starts.
Episode 609: Our Succubus Savior.
Episode 608: Jack and Jill.
Episode 607: Well, sort of.
Episode 606: Norveg saves the group dynamic.
Episode 605: The smell of fornication!
Episode 604: At least selfish is predictable.
Episode 603: I could go for donuts.
Episode 602: Chewed out.
Episode 601: Not our plan? Then it's not happening.
Episode 600: DENIED.
Episode 599: Megalomaniacal miracle maker
Episode 598: Judge Daethros
Episode 597: Great job, Brottor, er, Magotto!
Episode 596: I can't think of any good clowns.
Episode 595: Circus on mute.
Episode 594: Come one, come all!
Episode 593: The twist everyone saw coming.
Episode 592: Angelika cannot prevent forest fires.
Episode 591: He's vibrating. Is that normal?
Episode 590: So long, snow!
Episode 589: It's got platinum, iron and lead!
Episode 588: Culture shock for the lawful.
Episode 587: Her leading touch is a bit soft.
Episode 586: Trev gets Gnome respect.
Episode 585: The shield.
Episode 584: The Empire does lose sometimes.
Episode 583: King Teggy needs a calender.
Episode 582: Captured in the Kingdom of Freedom.
Episode 581: Cat's outta the bag now.
Episode 580: I'll meet ya at somewhere at sometime.
Episode 579: Ooh! Piece of Candy!
Episode 578: My sister stole my blood.
Episode 577: Mage swapping.
Episode 576: Bye, Angelika.
Episode 575: Zamaira Malflower
Episode 574: Tom #3's a loose cannon!
Episode 573: The kiss of death.
Episode 572: Giving them more than just 'The Watchtower.'
Episode 571: Hey fat boy! I wanna make you smile!
Episode 570: The Celestial Power Ranger.
Episode 569: It all sinks in.
Episode 568: Starved for guidance.
Episode 567: Dominated people aren't interesting.
Episode 566: Special Delivery!
Episode 565: On wings of false hope.
Episode 564: Spirited away.
Episode 563: Choices.
Episode 562: Ice cold.
Episode 561: Baby it's cold outside and inside.
Episode 560: Them Clerics got back.
Episode 559: They used to be pretty nice kids...
Episode 558: Warren wants a bunkmate?
Episode 557: Surrounded it seems.
Episode 556: Great! Someone's finally helping those Elves!
Episode 555: A job well done.
Episode 554: A shield as well as a shotgun!
Episode 553: Kergak's gonna have to get tested!
Episode 552: Spellcaster? Or shotgun?
Episode 551: At least it wasn't a baby.
Episode 550: Make love, not war.
Episode 549: Let 'er rip!
Episode 548: Things get a bit ugly.
Episode 547: What a lovely hamlet!
Episode 546: Undead in the Winter Wonderland.
Episode 545: Animal cruelty.
Episode 544: Package for Angie!
Episode 543: Obliviously wealthy.
Episode 542: Hotel room hangout.
Episode 541: The Uninvited.
Episode 540: She never has good news, does she?
Episode 539: So long, Julie. We never knew ye.
Episode 538: Ew. The Emperor 'Legend Lores' himself.
Episode 537: The Plumbers.
Episode 536: Get offa my lawn!
Episode 535: Six seconds.
Episode 534: Not for his vanity, but for humanity.
Episode 533: Warp nine.
Episode 532: Mind reading isn't always fun.
Episode 531: Jako plans parties...?
Episode 530: New orders.
Episode 529: iMirror.
Episode 528: War sucks.
Episode 527: They're not even being sarcastic.
Episode 526: Did that song answer any of their questions?
Episode 525: Uncle Teg. wants you.
Episode 524: Kid livers.
Episode 523: Singing to the kids.
Episode 522: Diplomacy comes in many flavors.
Episode 521: The dream world doesn't protect you from yourself.
Episode 520: Expositioning down memory lane.
Episode 519: Not everyone can be an astronaut.
Episode 518: Let's just pretend for now.
Episode 517: Wishmaster.
Episode 516: Seriously, that rope is dangerous.
Episode 515: The troublesome twin.
Episode 514: The extra long lunch.
Episode 513: Why do they even have this rope?
Episode 512: Almost seven minutes in heaven.
Episode 511: Wheeled in to see the king.
Episode 510: Nobody likes service bells.
Episode 509: Enforcing carrying capacity.
Episode 508: Back from shopping...and stuff.
Episode 507: Getting heavenly sugar.
Episode 506: The big secret everyone knows.
Episode 505: The cosplayer critic.
Episode 504: Focus on the positive.
Episode 503: One heckuva bad daydream.
Episode 502: Again?
Episode 501: Lose yourself.
Episode 500: So the war has begun then!
Episode 499: Trading sob stories.
Episode 498: Quizma's hilariously cruel.
Episode 497: Jordie's second domain.
Episode 496: Most anti-climatic battle ever.
Episode 495: It could be true.
Episode 494: Back to gnawing the parent bone.
Episode 493: Getting on a yellow submarine.
Episode 492: Casanova Candesco
Episode 491: The natives are quite friendly.
Episode 490: The town of water.
Episode 489: Minion-shipper on deck
Episode 488: Elves and eagles.
Episode 487: What? No broomstick?
Episode 486: Semi needed rhetoric and references.
Episode 485: OBEY.
Episode 484: She looks familiar!
Episode 483: You didn't make the cut. Sorry!
Episode 482: The magical scientist.
Episode 481: Taking the scenic route.
Episode 480: Time to get going again.
Episode 479: Mixed news.
Episode 478: Mixed reactions.
Episode 477: Diplomacy works!
Episode 476: Fast becoming the worst beach episode ever.
Episode 475: My name is Valium Duskflower...
Episode 474: Well that's worrisome.
Episode 473: The status quo is restored.
Episode 472: Round one goes to Candesco.
Episode 471: It only lasts 1 round per caster level.
Episode 470: Take to the sky.
Episode 469: She is so boned.
Episode 468: Combing the beach for trouble.
Episode 467: So I was finally about to bone my girlfriend when...
Episode 466: Revived.
Episode 465: The meaning of life.
Episode 464: Yes. Jordon SR. is that badass.
Episode 463: Teleporting into Jurassic Park.
Episode 462: Glamer Lamer.
Episode 461: Exchanging guilt trips.
Episode 460: They thought he just went for coffee.
Episode 459: The first snowfall of the year.
Episode 458: They get the ghost a little while longer.
Episode 457: Well they weren't apart for long.
Episode 456: Who are they fighting?
Episode 455: The sagely spirit guide.
Episode 454: Angelika get to ride her own ass.
Episode 453: The natives are friendly.
Episode 452: Quizmalia unmasked.
Episode 451: The game plan.
Episode 450: A new quest begins.
Episode 449: At the pity party playing the blame game.
Episode 448: A blonde dire cockroach would be UGLY.
Episode 447: Touch of death.
Episode 446: So that's what her other level 2 spell was!
Episode 445: Saved by God...well, Jordie.
Episode 444: Watch your feet!
Episode 443: Wight in front of Rocky.
Episode 442: They're not friendly.
Episode 441: Who else could've done it, honestly?
Episode 440: Obliteration.
Episode 439: Hope this isn't a 'last meal'...
Episode 438: Ghosts aren't usually trustworthy.
Episode 437: Lenny's special ghost guest.
Episode 436: Someone's preoccupied...

(Book 2: Mage VS Mage)

Episode 435: Book 2's Finale
Episode 434: Making the merger official.
Episode 433: The Emperor's Speech (Part 2)
Episode 432: The Emperor's Speech (Part 1)
Episode 431: Angelo's Aria.
Episode 430: Sincerity lost on the skeptical.
Episode 429: Onto safety in Silverfronds.
Episode 428: Laying down the law.
Episode 427: A scream saves the day?
Episode 426: True colors.
Episode 425: To the top of the tree!
Episode 424: The power of love, hope, take your pick.
Episode 423: "Ow Dammit!" doesn't seem very dramatic.
Episode 422: Hasted heroes.
Episode 421: So long, Jako.
Episode 420: They're comin' outta the tree, man!
Episode 419: It's way bigger on the inside...
Episode 418: Ready to roll.
Episode 417: Girl talk.
Episode 416: Even decorations appeared!
Episode 415: Charmed, but still a jerk.
Episode 414: Watch your feet!
Episode 413: Dungeons are like all workplaces.
Episode 412: Who doesn't like kittens?
Episode 411: Who...or what is THIS now?
Episode 410: Powering through.
Episode 409: A duck's easier to talk to than a human.
Episode 408: The Magical Wish Puppy
Episode 407: It's better to be lucky than good!
Episode 406: Don't come out of there again, okay?
Episode 405: Super, indeed.
Episode 404: The action never stops.
Episode 403: The Pink Protector
Episode 402: Embarrassing dreams all around.
Episode 401: Mother comes calling.
Episode 400: Burning the midnight oil.
Episode 399: Will it want the junk though?
Episode 398: Hooray! Treasure that isn't as useless!
Episode 397: We're into tower 3.
Episode 396: Paid her fare with a hobo song.
Episode 395: LevitationWand.exe has stopped working.
Episode 394: And he means ANYTHING. ;)
Episode 393: So that's why he fought them...
Episode 392: Useful advice, for once.
Episode 391: Four questions?
Episode 390: The group's back together.
Episode 389: A tender moment.
Episode 388: Coumadin gabs with ghost goons.
Episode 387: Everything turned out okay.
Episode 386: Might wanna look back.
Episode 385: The Fighter is also cursed.
Episode 384: Xzibit would be proud.
Episode 383: They can SEE the music!
Episode 382: Someone lives here...?
Episode 381: The group's decision.
Episode 380: Too bad Laruto didn't play with Julie here.
Episode 379: Balloon fighting our way to the top.
Episode 378: The beautiful teens won't wrestle together.
Episode 377: Didn't need that mental picture, Angelika...
Episode 376: That IS true, Julie.
Episode 375: That look like it hurt.
Episode 374: Going down!
Episode 373: Tree troubles.
Episode 372: That looks scrumptious.
Episode 371: Riddles and locks.
Episode 370: There goes the element of surprise.
Episode 369: Going the long way in.
Episode 368: Can you fly, sister?
Episode 367: They finally arrive.
Episode 366: The trial's outcome.
Episode 365: Oh, BTW, He's planning on invading your kingdom.
Episode 364: Tom's got an alibi.
Episode 363: The People VS Thomas Stratus.
Episode 362: The Pixie Queen.
Episode 361: The long, yellow arm of the law.
Episode 360: It's not like he shoved something up there.
Episode 359: Such is the way of Law.
Episode 358: Our Jewish sorceress...
Episode 357: One down, one to go.
Episode 356: There's no escape now.
Episode 355: That's what she swapped 'Charm Monster' for?
Episode 354: Behold the power of positivity.
Episode 353: Learning from mistakes is good.
Episode 352: Hopefully he wasn't there too long.
Episode 351: Angelo's special place.
Episode 350: Patterson did some practicing!
Episode 349: Time to pack it back up!
Episode 348: Enjoying some downtime.
Episode 347: Angelika's not a huggy person.
Episode 346: Jordie meets the team.
Episode 345: Spread the hate!
Episode 344: Nasty news from the north.
Episode 343: Discussing our purchases.
Episode 342: Flashing the Detect Evil high beams.
Episode 341: A little presumptuous, aren't you?
Episode 340: See what happens when you meddle?
Episode 339: The Bard, the rat and the temple.
Episode 338: Welcome to Autumnson!
Episode 337: Just in the nick of time.
Episode 336: The expected thing commences.
Episode 335: Winds changing for the worse.
Episode 334: Oh, they do have an Airship...
Episode 333: Beginnings of a star-stealing romance.
Episode 332: Dissecting a random encounter.
Episode 331: Looks like he won't be joining him...
Episode 330: That's all for today.
Episode 329: Outsider outsourcing.
Episode 328: Sword fight in the sky.
Episode 327: That looks unpleasant.
Episode 326: Ranged attack rivalry.
Episode 325: Couldn't be more straightforward.
Episode 324: Kinda missing the point there.
Episode 323: City plans.
Episode 322: Something tells me her name's ironic.
Episode 321: A boaring battle.
Episode 320: Food for thought.
Episode 319: The Deva of Disappointment.
Episode 318: At least it isn't any Elves 'he' killed...
Episode 317: And now for someone completely different.
Episode 316: See you in your dreams!
Episode 315: They weren't aware of the house rule...
Episode 314: Waylaid by Wargs...or Worgs...?
Episode 313: Wishes.
Episode 312: Emily's true motivations.
Episode 311: Mission accomplished!
Episode 310: They're starting to get it.
Episode 309: The lesson continues...
Episode 308: Why did they ignore the question mark boxes?
Episode 307: Rocky the rogue, the wonderful wonderful rogue...
Episode 306: Ending things on a fairly sour note.
Episode 305: They're done like dinner.
Episode 304: That fight was electric!
Episode 303: New challengers appear!
Episode 302: Benny VS the big birdie.
Episode 301: It really was quite one sided.
Episode 300: Burning stuff down is what they do best.
Episode 299: Looks like schools cancelled today!
Episode 298: This is where things go south.
Episode 297: Let's make ourselves scarce.
Episode 296: What are those things in the background?
Episode 295: Lenny the optimist.
Episode 294: Smooth. Real Smooth.
Episode 293: She fought pretty good there!
Episode 292: The invisible twig snapping woman.
Episode 291: Now what is she up to...?
Episode 290: With Elves, it's hard to tell gender...or age.
Episode 289: Next time, on "Hoarders..."
Episode 288: She was won over pretty quickly.
Episode 287: Onward to the mysterious village.
Episode 286: The strolling Souballo soldiers.
Episode 285: Too good to last.
Episode 284: We all saw this coming.
Episode 283: Umbria understands what they should do.
Episode 282: Using the standard model.
Episode 281: Rocky won't admit his beaminess.
Episode 280: Didn't he warn her about that?
Episode 279: Weedwhacked.
Episode 278: Foggy weather wordplay.
Episode 277: Fire forged friends... except with ice.
Episode 276: Iced.
Episode 275: Angelika's got an uninvited guest.
Episode 274: Alone in the woods at night.
Episode 273: She likes her chocolate too!
Episode 272: He's a real bear this time of night.
Episode 271: Going into the dryad's tree hole.
Episode 270: Almonds are tasty.
Episode 269: The Twilight Ice Princess
Episode 268: It sure is.
Episode 267: Everyone's got their job to do.
Episode 266: Sudden change in plans?
Episode 265: She's got an adventure hook! How nice.
Episode 264: Looks like it's already starting.
Episode 263: Railroading of the worst kind.
Episode 262: Did you forget about Eva? Angelo didn't.
Episode 261: No neutrals allowed in the freedom clubhouse!
Episode 260: Bonding over adversity.
Episode 259: Umbria: Sociopath, Assassin, Band Teacher.
Episode 258: Rocky's turn to talk to her.
Episode 257: Hopefully she's out of Emily's earshot...
Episode 256: Apparently she doesn't.
Episode 255: The sulking sorceress.
Episode 254: Tourettes shield
Episode 253: The playa character
Episode 252: Looks like we've got a new party member!
Episode 251: Randi's down with both humans AND halflings!
Episode 250: Fungus is what adventuring's all about.
Episode 249: The disappointing info swap.
Episode 248: Family frustrations.
Episode 247: Angelika went there...
Episode 246: Merla can thank Shigeseto Itoi.
Episode 245: The psychic cat lady.
Episode 244: Not wantin' to be a third wheel...
Episode 243: Fancy meeting you here!
Episode 242: These head voices are legit. Don't worry.
Episode 241: So that's where he was...
Episode 240: Temple design by Pinkie Pie!
Episode 239: Welcome to Llanadario!
Episode 238: Unlike Knock, I knew about Polymorph's rules.
Episode 237: Never trust a...whatever that thing is.
Episode 236: If only real teachers could do that to their class.
Episode 235: They bring him so much joy...
Episode 234: Juie's secret necro fetish.
Episode 233: The fighter figures the fairy chest out.
Episode 232: I was a DM, and I only learned this now.
Episode 231: Nothing averts a marital spat like levelling up.
Episode 230: Norveg used thundershock.
Episode 229: Arak-attack
Episode 228: Spiders can't be misdirected.
Episode 227: Effective Misdirection!
Episode 226: Those healing wands can be so deadly!
Episode 225: Why IS that Prodigy song so catchy?
Episode 224: The Eagle-Lion engages them!
Episode 223: Getting a bit off topic.
Episode 222: Druids exist...!!
Episode 221: Ironically this comic does feed them.
Episode 220: Why does the Lifeguard need sunglasses?
Episode 219: Who is the cattiest?
Episode 218: That's not why you're here. Stop talking.
Episode 217: Don't worry 'bout the horsey.
Episode 216: She's only saying that 'cause he allowed it.
Episode 215: What a sore loser...
Episode 214: Nothing shows ID like inflicting blinding pain.
Episode 213: Deus Ex Machina...?
Episode 212: The A Team for the B Plot!
Episode 211: Assaulted by nostalgia, and a horse kick.
Episode 210: Julie's not convincing as a human being.
Episode 209: Kaletra Rubyblossom.
Episode 208: Post battle small talk?
Episode 207: The battle rages on...
Episode 206: Shoot the medic first!
Episode 205: Totally not an ass pull.
Episode 204: No one important got hurt, anyway.
Episode 203: Too little, too late.
Episode 202: Built specifically to kill stupid adventurers.
Episode 201: Jump doesn't quite work like that, but...
Episode 200: It would show a message like that, too. (Now it wouldn't.)
Episode 199: Two servings of crow.
Episode 198: Rescued by a recliner!
Episode 197: Abandoning reason for madness.
Episode 196: We finally know that old man's name!

(Book 1: The Pendant Keeper)
Episode 195: Book 1's finale.
Episode 194: Best eulogy opening EVER.
Episode 193: Jothur puts the FUN in funeral.
Episode 192: Way to ruin the moment!
Episode 191: Lenny's not gonna say he told you so...
Episode 190: He's a doctor, not a magician.
Episode 189: Not even the Labyrinth wants to deal with her.
Episode 188: Barbarian rage.
Episode 187: Yeah, fun.
Episode 186: Onto sunshine and roses!
Episode 185: I smell an Eigen Plot ahead.
Episode 184: Methinks its a homebrewed monster.
Episode 183: Chest monster! ^_^
Episode 182: A whole new spin on random treasure generation.
Episode 181: Lucky in the Labyrinth.
Episode 180: Goodbye, Umbria.
Episode 179: Shouldn't have called him that.
Episode 178: Oh there she is!
Episode 177: What about Jane...?
Episode 176: TOP THAT!
Episode 175: Campfire of character development.
Episode 174: The perfectly pungent perfume.
Episode 173: The latest chosen one.
Episode 172: Haven't seen her in awhile.
Episode 171: Hotel beds aren't the best.
Episode 170: It's all doctors are good for...
Episode 169: The underground town.
Episode 168: Julie has 1 rank in the disguise skill.
Episode 167: The Dwarven Rappers
Episode 166: Resolution for this fight.
Episode 165: Twisted smoothie? Really?
Episode 164: I'll bet Toby's even surprised over this.
Episode 163: How did Rocky get behind that rock?
Episode 162: Look up 'Macho Grubba' on YouTube!
Episode 161: The underground is like international waters.
Episode 160: Beauty before duty.
Episode 159: Our cult is not a cult!
Episode 158: Stone-cold justice from above.
Episode 157: That's not how it works, Lenny.
Episode 156: The Masochistic Minotaur.
Episode 155: Rats...in a maze.
Episode 154: Look out below!
Episode 153: Silly spelunkers
Episode 152: Peganone's Problem
Episode 151: We haven't heard from them in awhile...
Episode 150: The mace morning star's new master.
Episode 149: The Feathered Fiend's Fall
Episode 148: Lenny's got a fear of heights BTW.
Episode 147: Medli's gone evil!
Episode 146: Pauline doesn't love Angelika that way.
Episode 145: Good bye, Frank and Jenny!
Episode 144: The Sorceress Sleuth
Episode 143: Not-really-wanted reunion.
Episode 142: The past of Pauline
Episode 141: Hunting for personal information.
Episode 140: Getting familiar with Familiars
Episode 139: She talks a good lie.
Episode 138: What DID she just do?
Episode 137: Fighting isn't always the answer.
Episode 136: A dim bulb brightens.
Episode 135: Risking a more dangerous road.
Episode 134: The rumors were true.
Episode 133: She isn't all knowing...
Episode 132: Not the Wight thing to say.
Episode 131: I'll bet the teen's last moment was awkward.
Episode 130: Cube conversation
Episode 129: Cubes are cool?
Episode 128: That's one way to get a girlfriend...
Episode 127: Wisecrackin' wights
Episode 126: Just hangin' around...
Episode 125: So that's what we're doing.
Episode 124: They're kind of like Walmart greeters.
Episode 123: Be thankful you didn't fight Jenova BIRTH.
Episode 122: Jason and Trav get leaked EXP for that too.
Episode 121: It's nice to be wanted.
Episode 120: Jason gets his wish.
Episode 119: Patterson could be doing worse!
Episode 118: Disguises work better with bluff ranks
Episode 117: I think Mandy Moore sings well...
Episode 116: Scarred for life
Episode 115: This is not the St. Anne.
Episode 114: Professionalism is important
Episode 113: Terminated from her position
Episode 112: Meanwhile at Creepo Castle...
Episode 111: Damn high level NPCs...
Episode 110: Boots of holding?
Episode 109: Long time, no see!
Episode 108: Six in the bed and the little one said...
Episode 107: The first paladin we've seen
Episode 106: Rat's out of the bag
Episode 105: Angelika made a friend!
Episode 104: Well, rats.
Episode 103: Horray for fanservice.
Episode 102: Take this job and shove it
Episode 101: Wait Lenny, what?
Episode 100: Welcome back to Huckleton!
Episode 099: The Kill Cherry
Episode 098: Umbria's a crafty one...
Episode 097: Which is the Witch?
Episode 096: Motivated relocation
Episode 095: Cut your losses
Episode 094: She brought that upon herself
Episode 093: That's racist, Julie!
Episode 092: Carissa explains it all
Episode 091: Saved by the villains
Episode 090: Halflings eat horrible food
Episode 089: Damn! Fantasy nature even mo' scary!
Episode 088: A treasure hoard of obscure references
Episode 087: Star light star bright
Episode 086: You already say some pretty loony things, Julie...
Episode 085: Evil rocks a goatee
Episode 084: She's a firin' her lazor!
Episode 083: Tonight's the night
Episode 082: Forced level grinding
Episode 081: She's seen the light!
Episode 080: Gotta start at the bottom
Episode 079: Ice Ice Baby
Episode 078: Lenny's Lament
Episode 077: Spoiled rotten adventurers!
Episode 076: Simple solution
Epsiode 075: Think outside the treasure box!
Episode 074: Pauline's thing
Episode 073: Here's how it works.
Episode 072: Homesick in the rain.
Episode 071: Bards also have the best chances to metagame.
Episode 070: Only bards can tempt fate successfully.
Episode 069: Geology Rocks!
Episode 068: Ogre Battle
Episode 067: Now Leaving Everwood
Episode 066: Twenty Questions
Episode 065: Meanwhile, back at the Ponderosa...
Episode 064: Huzzah for combat pragmatism.
Episode 063: She's got a name, and it's a good name too.
Episode 062: A reluctant and cautious green light.
Episode 061: Oh great, a subplot's in the works...
Episode 060: Troubles in the mind
Episode 059: Did She Really Just Sing About Megaman...?
Episode 058: Now That's a Spicy Meatball!
Episode 057: Another Epic Quest
Episode 056: Where everybody knows your name.
Episode 055: Mage VS Mage
Episode 054: Great diplomacy all around.
Episode 053: Angelika's got Green Eyes!
Episode 052: Maybe you don't.
Episode 051: You fail at Diplomacy!
Episode 050: Angelo's Kids
Episode 049: You look familiar...
Episode 048: STD Infested Love-In
Episode 047: Welcome to Everwood!
Episode 046: From Bad To Worse
Episode 045: Take No Prisoners!
Episode 044: NME NPCS
Episode 043: Angelika Gets Her Wish
Episode 042: Something NPC This Way Comes
Episode 041: Back On Track
Episode 040: She's rather 'To the Point.'
Episode 039: Dun Dun DUNNNN...
Episode 038: Another fruity elven puzzle
Episode 037: It's Not Gonna Tell You It's Name
Episode 036: That's What You Get For Calling The Mystery Figure That
Episode 035: Bringing Home The Bacon
Episode 034: We Passed That Death Tree Before...
Episode 033: Sunshine walks on you!
Episode 032: Mission Accomplished!
Episode 031: A Simple Solution
Episode 030: Kick in The Door
Episode 029: Discussing Angelika
Episode 028: Karma, Perhaps?
Episode 027: Improvised Rogue Tools
Episode 026: Surrounded by Idiots
Episode 025: Juliah Carey
Episode 024: Seriously Bugged
Episode 023: Raise Your Voice
Episode 022: Gotta Catch 'Em All
Episode 021: Let's Compare Character Backstories
Episode 020: By The Light of the Betty White Moon
Episode 019: The Sun is Exploding Again!
Episode 018: Not Really What Lenny Wanted To Do
Episode 017: There's Nothing 'Hippo' About These Griffs
Episode 016: Our First Adventure Hook
Episode 015: Pauline Joined The Party *Insert RPG Character Joining Music Sting Here*
Episode 014: Her Heart's In The Right Place
Episode 013: Diplomacy is not a Sorcerer Class Skill
Episode 012: The Black Palm Tree Ghost
Episode 011: Genre Saavy on Inn Stays
Episode 010: Let's Kick Drunk NPC Ass!
Episode 009: Trolling for Teen Ass is a Bad Idea in All Worlds
Episode 008: Welcome to The Hamlet
Episode 007: Hyperspace Shortspear
Episode 006: Spider Blood is Red in This World
Episode 005: Julie Cares About Her Teammates
Episode 004: Arachnoiance
Episode 003: The Secret to All Men
Episode 002: Julie's Not So Long Lost Sister
Episode 001: It Starts...
Episode 000: The 'Long Lost Prologue'

March 1st: Got the next comic page up. Finally.

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Page 693: Worse than deciding where to eat.
Page 692: The Emperors are totally still interested in Julie.
Page 691: Flash in the sky.


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